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What have some of our customer said about our system?

Excellent App, Really Useful-Have Been Using It For Sometime & Not Looking to Change5 star
via Google Play

This App is amazing5 star
by Sue, Landlady

Extremely easy to use, and reasonably priced. Having been through a tenancy dispute, prior to using the App and feeling let down by the dispute process, I can now see why I wasn't as successful as I felt I ought to have been.

The Smarter Property Inventory Apps has an exceptional, thorough format that clearly sets out the responsibilities of landlord and tenant. The capacity for photos and comments is extensive and the finished product is comprehensive and professional. Because the App requires landlord and tenant to separately verify the report and photographs, which is invaluable in a dispute situation, I can see why my local estate agent finds that he now wins most tenancy disputes.

In addition to the App being totally 'fit for purpose' the support I received when making contact with Smarter Property Inventories via telephone and email far exceeded my expectations.

I cannot recommend this product enough

Definitely on par5 star
by Alan Craig

I use the software daily and really like the app itself. I used to use [another app] but this is definitely on par and the fact the photographs stay sharp is what won me over.

Brilliant app !!5 star
by Simon Bayliss, Oxford Homes Direct

Started a whole new business using it. Highly recommended.

Highly recommended5 star
by Ocean Blue Inventories

We love the ease of use and brilliant support. Fantastic feature for us is the ability to merge reports! Called upon to carry out 26 Inventories over a short period of time, one doing upstairs one doing downstairs then merged reports which saved a great deal of time, without compromising accuracy and detail!

Useful5 star
by Ann Gilman

Comes in very handy for property inspections.

This is the best inventory app I have ever seen5 star
by Pim services

The training is brief, precise, easy to understand and personally delivered. I have high hopes for my new business thanks to these guys. Really appreciate your support.

Great support service5 star
by Steven Jacobs, Inventory Exact

'Having tried various inventory software packages for my business I have found Smarter Inventories to be far superior. It is an extremely well thought out and user friendly app perfect for the industry and private use. The reports are fully photographic, with as little or as much text as you wish to use. The digital signing is my favourite attribute meaning reports need never be printed, completely in line with the trend of paperless trading and keeping costs down for all involved. In addition the ielf team are always on hand offering a great support service. I honestly can't speak highly enough of this product'.

Listening to feedback5 star
by Simon Bayliss, Oxford Homes Direct

The latest updates, brilliant!! Just what was needed.

Brilliant5 star
by Musical Touch

Used to inventory my rental property, exactly what I needed

Great time-saver and easy to use5 star
by Mannan Haq, Let's Do Inventories

I saved about 1 to 1.30 hours compared to using my previous software.
Much easier to use with a lot less repetitive description to write down on each room.
It is more picture-oriented and less typing which is not a bad thing.

Amazing support!5 star
by Jeff

It works perfect! If I had spare time I would be promoting your company... Amazing support! Thanks a million

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