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Here are answers to some questions we answered before:

How do I start?

The best place to start is to download our free app for your smart phone or tablet. We have app for Apple (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), Android smart phones and tablets and also a version for Amazon Fire tablets.
Get your app from our apps download page.
A quick start guide is available here: click to visit our online quick start guide
Alternatively, just head over to our Get your free trial page to create an account and see how our online control panel works. From there you can create reports for instance from images on your computer or digital camera.

What are minimum requirements on my device

We officially support the last 3 versions of mobile operating systems for Apple, Android and Amazon Fire operating systems although our apps will run on older systems too. You can see more details on our Minimum Requirements page.

Can I re-download the report should I misplace it?

You can access your report in the online dashboard which is accessible 24/7 from any internet connected device and you can email it to yourself or any other email address at any time.
If you are a subscriber to one of our monthly or yearly package, we will store your reports for you as long as you have an active subscription.
If you are using our one-off service, once purchased we will store the report for you on our server for 12 months and you can download it at any time during that period. You can extend this period by purchasing an extended download.

How much does it cost to create my own photo inventory report?

We have a range of packages from individuals, through pre-paid bundles to unlimited packages. Individuals can use our system to prepare the report and preview it absolutely free - using our free app for Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod as well as the Android app. You can also use your PC or Mac computer to upload any pictures taken using your digital camera or other device..
Once you're happy with the look of the report you will be offered to purchase the report without any watermark which will then be stored for you for 12 months.
Our monthly packages and pre-paid bundles take the cost of each report right down, depending on how many you normally do.

Do I need internet connection when preparing the report on my device?

Once you have downloaded the app onto your Apple or Android phone or tablet, you don't need the internet connection until you're done taking pictures, describing and getting signature. You can keep mmultiple reports on your device so you can do as many jobs in a day and then upload them all in one go when you return to your office or home to use a WiFi connection. Please don't store the reports on your device - if your device is lost, stolen or damaged, your report would be lost too.

My free trial has finished, how can I chose a subscription or buy a bundle?

Please login to your cloud control panel, and click the "Get subscription" link on the left menu to select a monthly or yearly package or a prepaid bundle of prepaid reports which can be used within 6 or 13 months.

Can I change my monthly or yearly plan?

There is a minimum term of 3 months on our monthly plans, 12 months on plans paid upfront for a year. However, please let us know at any time if you wish to upgrade to a higher plan. Also, after 3 months you can ask to downgrade the plan to a one level lower.

How can I pay for reports or a plan?

Most of our clients pay by Credit / Debit card or by Direct Debit. This gives us and them the flexibility to change plans as they grow and peace of mind which the Direct Debit Guarantee provides. Other options include payment by Bank transfer or Paypal.

How can I put my logo and website on the report or change colors and text?

Our subscribers have the option to brand the reports in line with their requirements. Our control panel will let you on the My Account page upload your own logo, set a website to be shown on your reports as well as change the colors used and customize texts of your reports. These customization features are included when using prepaid bundles or monthly and yearly plan customers.

I've accidently uploaded a test report, will I be charged?

You will only get charged for reports which you mark as complete. Other reports will be kept for 7 days and you will be reminded by email to mark them as complete so that we know you would like us to keep them for you. You can then unlock them to make any adjustments before sending the report for signing or completing it.

I have a monthly or yearly plan in place but the system shows that my report will be deleted in few days?

To prevent charging for unwanted or accidental reports, every report uploaded to our control panel will initially be shown as to be deleted in 7 days. As default, subscribers will have our auto-keep option on where any reports not deleted by then, will get charged a credit and kept.

  On my iPhone / iPad, the camera does not switch on when going to take picture?

This is usually caused by your security settings on you device. You will need to go to the device Settings icon, then scroll down to Smarter Inventories and allow the app to use the camera..

How do I use the voice dictation / speech recognition feature?

If your device has this feature and you are connected to internet, a little "microphone" button shows towards the bottom of the on-screen keyboard. Whenever you go to enter or change any text or comment, just tap the microphone icon and start talking. The recognised text will appear in the box where you would normally type.

I see it is possible to use the electronic signature service - how much does that cost?

The electronic signing service is included in your subscription and does not cost anything extra. On your request we will send the electronic version of the report to each party by email with a link where they can review the report and our website will capture their signature and add it to the report. We also record their email address, date and time of signing and the IP address from which they signed the document.

Can I reuse my previous inspection report after it has been uploaded?

On your device, you can go to create a new report, then tap the "Load previous" button to search your existing completed reports. Once selected, all rooms will be downloaded as well as any comments you have previously entered. That way you are ready to take fresh pictures to the existing comments and add any pictures with comments for damages since your last report.
  If you are doing a Check out which needs to be turned into Check in shortly, you can use the Copy report feature (currently only on Apple app). Any uploaded report can also be copied into a new one in the cloud control panel.

Why are the pictures on the PDF so small?

The standard "Printable" version of our PDF report has smaller pictures to save environment and reduce the overall size of the report. On the front page is a link which can be used to view the online version of the report where each image can be clicked to view it in high quality.
You can also click the button to Download Full Report PDF. This will have two photographs on a page, however the report will over many pages and large in size, therefore probably not suitable for emailing or printing.

The pictures on my PDF preview are grainy and not clear, why?

This is intentional and once purchased, the pictures will be in the required quality. The PDF preview is also restricted to viewing only so it doesn't allow to print the report until purchased (or completed where you have a subscription or a bundle).

You store a lot of information, is this safe?

To us, the security of your information is of utmost importance. We are registered with the Information Commisioner's office (registration number ZA131190) and have procedures in place to protect all sensitive information. Our database is stored in a highly secure data center in Germany and backups are stored under a military grade encryption. Our website works on a secure link and all communication to and from our site is encrypted using SSL. Finally, any payments are processed by highly trusted third party payment processing services and we never store your payment information on our servers. We believe that with Smarter Inventories your information is in a very secure place.

Can your staff see details of my clients?

Our staff can access your information based on your instruction in relation to resolving any issue you may have using our system. Yours or your client's details will never be passed to any third party.

Do your prices include VAT?

All our prices shown are excluding VAT and VAT will be added at the standard UK rate (20%) where appropriate.

I have another question!?

Fantastic - please use the contact page or give us a ring. One of our support team will be happy to help you.

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