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Inventory clerks love Smarter Inventories!
As an inventory clerk you have a great responsibility to your client - be it an agent, landlord or tenant.

In fact, we think the job title does not quite give a justice to the role - inventory clerks are essentially witnesses who go to a property and prepare a report on what they saw. Sometimes they may be asked to go to court too to confirm their evidence.

But now, imagine you are needed to attend 3... 4... maybe more properties in a day?

How are you meant to give evidence for all what you saw in good time?

A pen and paper or a dictaphone are simply getting inefficient!
We help you get digital in this technology world.
Smarter Inventories has been built exactly around that - use of technology to achieve a great detail, ease of use and speed in which the reports are delivered to clients.

We have apps for Apple iPhones, iPads, Ipod Touch as well as Android phones and tablets.

The app enables the use of in-built camera of these devices to take high quality pictures and add any comments to them - typed or spoken (with the use of speech to text).

You can go to as many inspections in a day as you want without the need for internet connection and at the end of the day you can load them all up to the online control panel for any finishing touches.
Use technology to achieve a great detail, ease of use and speed
You can complete all the information on the device, even get tenant's signature on the spot, signed direct on the device and send the report to your client while still at the property

When the tenant is not present, you no longer need to worry about travelling to them or using a third party signing service. Our system has a built in electronic signing so you can email the report to tenants for signing. They can review the report before signing and let you know any comments or just add some and sign.

And any reports you've prepared already will save you time when you go back to do another report for the same property - just copy the existing report to a new one and make changes.

Our online control panel helps you keep track of the jobs as each will clearly show where you've requested a signature, whether the tenant has signed and whether you sent the report to your clients.

Finally, with a subscription or when using our prepaid bundles, your reports can be completely customized with your logo as well as to match your brand and colors. The texts can be amended too.

And if you get stuck or need any help, our UK based online and telephone support is available to help.
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One of the fastest, easiest and most cost effective ways to create property inventories
Simple navigation that guides you through from start to finish
Pictures time and date stamped, use the speech to text in your device
See all images in high quality at any time using the online interactive report.
Free app which works without internet when at property, free trial, generous packages
Our many clients include Inventory companies, independent inventory clerks, letting and managing agents as well as landlords and tenants.
No obligation 14 days trial with 5 reports absolutely free!
Cloud control panel safely stores all your reports and is accessible 24/7, from any internet connected device or computer
Have your reports digitally signed there and then or by email later
Email a PDF or just a link to the interactive report and PDF file to avoid issues with large email attachements.
Free UK-based support by the in-house developers
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