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NEW for COVID-19: Keep safe - your tenants can take pictures and upload easily to your account!

Agents save and even make money with Smarter Inventories!
We have many agents who started using our system because their outsourced inventory clerks were busy and an urgent inventory was needed.

Letting out a property without an inventory is really a bad idea. Any inventory is better than none they thought!

But hey... this app is free... it works on the office phone... it's easy to use... it timestamps the images... it creates a great report in the end.
Even our junior can do it
because it has all the subcategories put in so they don't forget anything!

You know what, an outsourced inventory costs a lot of money, if I get someone trained in our office and have them do only the inventories, they will not only pay for themself quickly, they will make me some money too!

This is a true story of several clients who use our system on a daily basis. They not only saved a lot of money, they created a whole new business in their agency.
We can even train your staff
It is not rocket science to do an inventory but we have seen situations where being shown what to expect certainly helps.

Almost weekly we train people to become inventory clerks. We show them what to look for at the property, what must be on a report, how to deal with common situations.

In short, if you are thinking about expanding your business by preparing inventories, come and see us or send your guys for a day's training on a Saturday and they will be ready and confident to start straight away.
Agents love our easy to use system
because almost every office has these days a tablet or phone lying around which can be used with our app for Apple iPhone, iPad, Ipod Touch or an Android phone or tablet.

The app enables the use of in-built camera of these devices to take high quality pictures and add any comments to them - typed or spoken (with the use of speech to text).
You don't need internet connection when at the property
- just upload the report at the end of the day when you get back to the office.

Best of all, tenants can sign directly on the device so no follow ups - done and dusted!

Or, when the tenant is not present, just email the report to tenants for signing. They can review the report before signing and let you know any comments or just add some and sign.

And any reports you've prepared already will save you time when you go back to do another report for the same property - just copy the existing report to a new one and make changes.

In our online control panel you can see clearly where you've requested a signature and whether the tenant has signed.

Finally, with a subscription or when using our bundles your reports can be customized with your agency logo as well as to match your brand and colors. Or just kep it independent and use our branding.
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One of the fastest, easiest and most cost effective ways to create property inventories
Simple navigation that guides you through from start to finish
Pictures time and date stamped, use the speech to text in your device
See all images in high quality at any time using the online interactive report.
Free app which works without internet when at property, free trial, generous packages
Our many clients include Inventory companies, independent inventory clerks, letting and managing agents as well as landlords and tenants.
No obligation 14 days trial with 5 reports absolutely free!
Cloud control panel safely stores all your reports and is accessible 24/7, from any internet connected device or computer
Have your reports digitally signed there and then or by email later
Email a PDF or just a link to the interactive report and PDF file to avoid issues with large email attachements.
Free UK-based support by the in-house developers
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