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NEW for COVID-19: Keep safe - your tenants can take pictures and upload easily to your account!

Student accommodation agents are simply delighted with our app!
How different can it be to be an agent for student accommodation from the usual letting agent!?

Uhhh, just visit when it's time for students to move in or move out!

Several hundreds of inspection over 2 days - how does one do that???

Well, it does take a little coordinating but with Smarter Inventories several student accommodation agents have saved themselves a lot of time and hassle.

What they do is arrange for a group of inspectors to come in, load up our app on their mobile phone - which is mostly either Iphone or Android smartphone or tablet - give them training on what needs to be recorded plus a list of properties.

Our app has already a list of items added as default so they just take pictures and note any comments and off they go to the next one.
No need to use internet connection...
...all is uploaded at the end of the day when they get back to the office.

Any comments of issues to be dealt with are recorded at the same time.

Once the rush is over, reports are waiting in the control panel to be referenced at any time.

Your reports can be customized with your agency logo as well as to match your brand and colors. Or just kep it independent and use our branding.

And if you get stuck or need any help, our UK based online and telephone support is available to help.
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One of the fastest, easiest and most cost effective ways to create property inventories
Simple navigation that guides you through from start to finish
Pictures time and date stamped, use the speech to text in your device
See all images in high quality at any time using the online interactive report.
Free app which works without internet when at property, free trial, generous packages
Our many clients include Inventory companies, independent inventory clerks, letting and managing agents as well as landlords and tenants.
No obligation 14 days trial with 5 reports absolutely free!
Cloud control panel safely stores all your reports and is accessible 24/7, from any internet connected device or computer
Have your reports digitally signed there and then or by email later
Email a PDF or just a link to the interactive report and PDF file to avoid issues with large email attachements.
Free UK-based support by the in-house developers
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