Mark report as complete (ready for signing/sending)

Once you upload a report to the online control panel, the report is "in progress".
You can make further changes, add images, move images or rooms, remove rooms, add appendixes etc and preview a PDF of the report (which cannot be printed).

The next step is to mark the report as complete. At that point our system will use one of your credits (if the report has not been marked as complete before) or you'll need to purchase the reporr if using our Pay as you go option.

Report which is marked as complete should have been checked for spelling, descriptions and conditions and gives you further options - you can

- Download a printable PDF with high quality pictures
- Send for signing to tenants
- Email to landlord or tenant for their records, directly from your control panel
- Download a
ZIP file of all images and the PDF of the report
- You can also use the link on the front cover of the PDF report to view the online report webpage

Reports marked as complete can be unlocked for 3 months. After that we assume any disputes should be resolved and no further changes should be needed.
At that point you can always Copy the report to new one to start another one with changes or if you really need to make changes to this existing report, please contact our support..