Inspections list - columns guide

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On the inspections page , at the top, above the list of inspections you’ll see some sub-headers (from left to right).

Inspection date, property address, type of job it is and a name which will be shown on the report as "prepared by" - this may be different to the user who was signed in when uploading the report. 

Then you’ll see Completed - with red sign if in progress, this will have a tick once job has been finished and ready for sending off to agent or tenant for signing. 

Then you have a Sent indicator, this will have a tick once job has been completed and sent off to agent or landlord - you can also click on it to tick or untick it if you have emailed it manually outside of our system. 

Signature requested, will show number of tenants which have been sent a request to sign.

Tenants signed will show te number of tenants from the total who have been emailed a link for signing and have received the report, read it, made necessary comments and signed it on their device.

Images will show the the total number of image placeholders or comments in the report - placeholder may or may not have an image, depending how the report was prepared so this may not represent the exact number of images shown on the report..

You may see a column for Expires in - this indicates for how long your report is stored for in your control panel and you will be invited to extend this when it comes to about a month before expiry.

Agent will show the name of the agent or landlord on behalf of who was this report prepared.


All these features will automatically update when refreshed in browser.  Then you’ll know exactly where you are for each job.